About Masaş

Masaş manufactures decorative metal boxes for many sectors and industries such as food, beverage, cleaning, medical, cosmetics, stationery and ready-to-wear clothing industries.  Having a modern facility equipped with printing and manufacturing departments containing latest technology; Masaş exports to more than 50 countries most of which are European Union countries.    There are more than 100 different shapes in Masaş’s product range such as round with two and three pieces, squares, ovals, heart shapes and many more.  Masaş increases its product variety with each passing day and fulfills its clients’ special solution demands.  It is capable of making custom made box shape designs and produces patterns with its CNC milling machine pattern atelier operating with CAD/CAM that is located in its manufacturing facilty.

Witness the esthetic transformation of metal

Masaş is one of the rare Turkish companies which are a stage to the esthetic transformation of metal. In fact it gives direction to processes of production where art meets with the package, without making any compromise on quality with international management systems it applies. In short, art and quality make themselves appear with outstanding functionality in box packages.   In order to create maximum visuality and tactile affect by way of embossing in photograph, graphic design and logo applications for example is easy to accomplish with manufacturing technology that Masaş owns. Aside from that, it contributes to saving time during the process of manufacturing by rapidly finishing the customer demands in the graphic studio under its roof.

Daily production of 120 thousand pieces

Masaş, which makes on time deliveries of top quality products to its clients at reasonable price advantages and fast service, manufactures total of 120.000 pieces daily in 10 different forms in an indoor area of 12.000 square meters. Each manufactured product is examined carefully by quality control experts.  Masaş, at the stage of product delivery, also performs the packaging process of the products that it supplies upon the requests and demands of companies or sent by the companies. Thusly Masaş contributes serious savings for its clients in areas of logistic and cost.   

Leader in food safety, quality and logistic network

Masaş places emphasis on being fast in quality standards skale in order to realize on time product delivery and re-enforces the logistic network gradually with each passing day.  Masaş also already has a large logistic network.  Due to this powerful distiribution network in question its biggest guarantee that it offers to its customers besides quality is is on time delivery guarantee.

Food safety is at the head of the subjects that Masaş puts maximum level of importance upon.  Masaş is the sole company that has ISO 22000 quality standards in Turkey after being certificated by BSI in the area of food safety in year 2011 and continues to protect this quality of its. Masaş’s boxes are extreamly appropriate to store food.  Food stored in boxes maintains freshness for a long time. Since Masaş keeps quality and human health above everything else all the leading brands of world and Turkey prefers Masaş.  All materials used in production conform to Turkish, European and World standards and due to the reason that there are no heavy metals in its content, it is not hazardous to human health and it is environment friendly.  Since the year 2002, Masaş has adopted to ISO 9001 Quality Management System which is a world standard in quality.

At the end of all that on the other hand;

Boxes shaped by experience and trust are offered to customers with artistic brilliance.

Masaş, who works customer oriented and manufactures according to the international standards with over 40 years of experience in the industry, puts emphasis on quality of the products it offers and purchases the raw material that it uses in its entire product range from manufacturers who internalize quality and reliance guarantee.  Masaş, who exports to more than 50 countries until now, targets to broaden decorative metal box sales world wide with its experienced employees, extensive product variety, powerful distribution network, on time delivery policy and work ethic understanding. 

We follow the technology renewed in metal packaging industry through technological media, fairs and other resources. Earning the respect of our clients and enhancing the mutual attachment are our most valued principles.  Our commitments with support and contribution of all our personnel are as follow;

• To ensure conformity to legal and industrial requirements in product groups we offer,

• To continue forward by improving our quality and reliable production, fast service offer and on time delivery principles,

• To satisfy food safety requirements within the scope of food packaging without compromising from quality,

• To minimize waste and recycle in order to lower our affect over environment; to control energy consumption,

• To provide healthy and safe working environment for employees by minimizing the risks,

• To effectively meet the needs of our customers through continuously improving out current management system,

• To make a commitment to establish top level of comformity primarily to legal legislations and all national and international rules and intracompany regulations on the subject of social responsibility,   

• To receive ISO 45001 accredited certificates after completion of ISO 14001 and revision,

• To work with and employ highly motivated workforce for effective application of our processes with the purpose of continuously improving and accept the values of company… 

• We give freedom of employment to our employees; therefore, slavery, tyrannizing and obligatory working are absolutely out of the question. We do not require any security deposit from our current employees or employees which we are going to hire in the future.

• We always respect freedom of assembly, unionization and collective contract right.

• Precautions necessary are taken and we are aware of our responsibility in making working conditions safer and continuously improve them.

• We absolutely do not hire any children or teenagers who are under the age of 18.  

• Employee salaries are within the “Minimum Wage” limits determined by the legal authorities. Net salaries are paid on time and without any deductions. 

• Social Security notifications of employees are made based upon the rate of their salaries. People who do not have social security are not allowed to start working before necessary notifications are made to social security offices.

• We follow the weekly working hours determined by national and international organizations. Overtime is practiced within the requirements that are once again as determined.

• Discrimination among our employees is out of the question. There is no discrimination on subjects of hiring, compensation, access to education and promotion or firing or retiring based on race, social class, national origin, religion, age, handicap, gender, marital status, sexual preferences, and membership of labor union or political relations.  

• Behaviours against employees such as any way of harassment, belittling, psychological or physical pressure and humiliating are not acceptable.  

• Bribery and favouritism in no shape or form are acceptable in our business activities; all types of behaviours which are going to cause inequality of opportunity between employees are also intervened with necessary punishments. 

• We carry out all types of processes including product recall and reprocessing in order to put an end to dissatisfaction towards defected products as due to the sensitivity we show towards customer satisfaction.   

1. Purpose
Through this policy, we aim to protect our company image and clearly reveal Masaş Metal Ambalaj Company’s commitments on the subject of work ethics and its approach on this matter.  In this policy which is an entegral part of our company’s ethical rules; company targets to determine the responsibilities and rules on this subject making all the notifications necessary in order to establish work ethics in entire company activities.    

2. Scope
Aside from company employees, work Ethics Policy covers all business partners who are acting on behalf of the company or providing service to company.

In line with that;

•   All company personnel including top management,

•   Companies providing consultancy, legal representation and financial consultancy services and their employees, 

•   Subcontractors and their personnel, suppliyers and their subcontractors and employees are included into the scope of this policy.

It is significantly important to understand that all the limitations and applications mentioned in the text of this policy are valid for above mentioned persons or companies.  It should not be forgotten that our company shall also be held responsible if any of these persons and companies behave unethically or illegally. Therefore company’s ethical rules, related directive, procedures and the text of this policy must be noted when designation a business partner and it is necessary to ensure that these business partners act according to those mentioned above.

3. Descriptions
Bribery: it means to provide financial or non-financial benefit, directly or indirectly, within the frame of a verbal or written agreement, from the opposite side for oneself or someone that that person is going to show with the purpose of making someone do something which is outside of the ordinary flow of work or against the requirements of his / her job with ways such as performing or not performing the work, speeding it up or slowing it down.     Benefits which be obtained through bribe may be in very different forms such as cash money, present, invitation to an activity or a ticket, acquitted debt or assistance purposed contribution.    

Corruption: it means abuse towards gaining direct or indirect financial or non – financial earnings personally due to obtained position of authority.

4. Responsibilities

     Top Management
•   Top management at the top level is responsible from the Work Ethics Policy.

•   Top management accepts this policy text and provides the atmosphere necessary for its application.

•   Creates and develops internal control systems for the purpose of ensuring work ethics.

•   Top management makes sure that the communication channels necessary for notifying the behaviors against the policy text are open and takes measures to maintain secrecy and safety of the persons who did the act of notifying.   

•   Complaints, warnings and claims made on the subject ensure the investigation and examination necessary within the frame of company laws are performed.

•   It enables performance of investigation and taking the corrective measures for the purpose of establishing comformity to legal regulations, directives, procedures and policies.

    Managers and Employees
•   All employees accept the Work Ethics Policy and acts according to principles in policy text.

•   Managers ensure that the principles in this policy text are understood, practiced and sustained by employees under their management and business partners which they are responsible of.

•   Employees cannot be, under no circumstances and by no one, forced to act against this policy. 

•   All company employees are obligated to notify behaviors against this policy and doubted cases to their managers and / or Human Resources department. 

•   Managers are responsible from taking the complaints, warnings and claims that reached them through their employees that work under their management to the department of Human Resources.

5. Policy
Masaş Metal Ambalaj is against all types of bribery and corruption.  No matter what the purpose is, it is necessary to not continue the business relations with 3rd parties whom want to do business with Masaş Metal Ambalaj.  

•   A present is an article which is given as business courtesy or as a thank you by customers or persons who are in general business relations. All types of presents which are desired to be given to third persons by Masaş Metal Ambalaj must be given overtly and in good faith and without any conditions attached. Presents which are going to be given within this scope are organized by Sales and Marketing Department. Same principles apply for acceptance of a gift too and absolutely no present other than the symbolic ones and the ones that have a low cost should be accepted. In addition, present accepting, even if it is within this scope, should not take place often and it is necessary for the gift accepting party to notify this to top management through the channel of his / her supervisor.    

•   Simplification Payments; simplification payments are not offered for speeding things up or guaranteeing something (such as receiving a permit and license, procuring a document etc.) like a routine transaction or procedure or process with persons and companies, official institutions within the scope of this policy.

•   Masaş Metal accepts creating and maintaining a fair work environment for employees is one of the most important priorities of its. Increase in success, improvement and loyalty is targeted for employees in creation of a fair, respectful, healthy and reliable work environment that is in comformity with the all the related laws and regulations.   Masaş Metalfulfills all its legal responsibilities within this scope and gives no permission for discrimination for the reasons of language, religion, race, color, gender, sect, political opinion, age, physical handicap and similar.   Making false statements, gossiping and mobbing are not allowed in the company. Nothing inside the company is aginst the laws and all declarations / statements made about employees to official offices are done correctly and overtly.

•   Company employees cannot share financial / commercial / technical secrets, prices, side benefit information or documents or similar subjects of co-workers and / or clients, suppliers and business developments with the third parties.

•   Exceptional cases such as financial data to be shared with the government, financial information to be shared with the customer and / or finance companies, technical data to be shared with customers and suppliers remain outside of this scope.

•   Error-free Record Keeping; accounting transactions are recorded completely, accurately and fairly. Internal control systems which will prevent off the records transactions are set-up.  

According to this;

•   Reliable recording and storing of all types of account, invoices, bills and documents belonging to relationships with third persons (customers, suppliers etc.),

•   No tampering on the accounting or similar commercial records regarding any transaction and it is necessary to not distort the facts and truth.

6. Encountering or Suspecting Inappropriate Behaviors Not in Suit with Work Ethics 
All Company employees are responsible from informing Human Resources Department without wasting time on situations they encounter or suspect as in regards to work ethics.  Below examples can be provided as in regards to such cases;

•   Someone offering bribe to your or your co-workers,

•   Relationships of interest and conflicts of interest that you witness or know,

•   Any irregularity that you have become aware of in company records,

•   Disturbing mobbing in working environment,

•   Attitude and behavior such as favoritism or seeking interest encountered in purchasing,

•   Give advantage to any customer or supplier in a form which is against the law or intracompany regulations,

•   Any firm or person from within or outside of company forcing you or your co-workers to act against what is written down in this policy, 

Department of Human Resources must be informed and notified in case encountering situations such as this one or ones similar to this.  All incoming ethics related complaints shall be communicated to the Top Management by Director of Human Resources within 1 day. In case the Top Management sees it fit; it shapes the process with additional interviews. In some cases employees may hesitate to complain because they worry that they may suffer the consequences even thoug they have witnessed these types of incidents. In Masaş Metal, it is guaranteed by the top management that employees who report and make a complaint about the persons who are acting against the legal regulations, ethical rules and company legislation that they are not going to suffer any consequences. It is essential to keep the identities of these persons absolutely as secret and prevent them from suffering a loss due to a complaint or reporting they made (intentionally or if it is not a case which is going to be identified as slander).

7. Sanctions Regarding Unacceptable Behavior and Attitude
Work Ethics Policy must be adopted and practiced by the employees just as how directives, procedures and instructions are practiced perfectly in all jobs in the company. It must never be forgotten that the case of breaching Work Ethics Policy may mean encountering sanctions that goes all the way to cancellation of employment contract according to intracompany regulations and that this subject in many countries is arrange to include spending time in jail.

As being one of the leading companies in terms of prioritizing quality in products and services, having faith in continuous development and being aware of our responsibilities towards the environment and society we promise the following as a company in metal packaging business of all types;

•   To minimize the pollution and damage which we are going to cause to the environment by keeping the factors, which may cause environmental pollution under control,

•   To meet the legal obligations and abide by the environmental legislation, 

•   To minimize the affects which we are going to give to environment by using the best quality technology possible during our operations and business activities,

•   In the name of protecting the environment and environmental consciousness we commit to provide education improving according to the needs for raising environmental awareness and to ensure its internalization as life philosophy and we share the works we do with our employees, clients, suppliers and society. 

•   To reduce the pollutant at its source, we commit to perform studies for reuse and recycling, with the porpuse of preventing environmental pollution,   

•   We commit and promise to be a company that applies together with preventive activities of protecting environment, product quality and unnecessary usage of source with our continuously developing system.