Design, Printing, Production and Logistics Services

Masaş metal box and promotional products manufacturing; we provide metal packaging designs, custom tin box solutions, production, and packaging services. Throughout the manufacturing process we support all the needs of our customers, and continuously increase our logistics network investments in order to deliver the ordered products in a timely manner.


Our graphic studio, which operates under the roof of factory, provides opportunity to save time during the stage of product production by rapidly meeting the modification demands of clients over the designs of customers. Printing house found located within the new facility serves to apply, with great precision, designs onto products. After printing polish options on the other hand offer diversity where opaque or shimmering or both options come together.  


Masaş has a wealthy pattern collection and clients are capable of benefiting from decorative box package optiones.  Box shape, dimension and designs are made according to customers’ special requests inside the CNC atelier with ‘Cutting Mill’ operating with Cad/Cam.   


Adding different and innovative designs to the product is accomplished at the stage of production thanks to ‘embossing pattern technology’. Just as being from inside out or from outside in Embossments can also be three dimentional. Adding depth to such visuals as photographs, graphics and logos is possible with embossing technology. In that way the products have more characteristic and they obtain a quality that stays in one’s mind.


Facility equipped with improved machines and tools operates on an area of 12.000 indoor and outdoor square feets in Istanbul. Factory, which increases its capacity up to making 120.000 pieces of boxes in total and in12 different sizes per day, is formed of latest technology product printing, cutting and patterning units. In the facility with 100 personnel working we make decorative metal boxes to be distributed domestically and to be exported to 40 countries in which there are countries who are members of EU.  

Masaş, who has a rich pattern range, is capable of manufacturing boxes such as two or three pieced round boxes, squared, oval, multi-cornered, heart shaped boxes, trays, coasters and plates in 110 different sizes. Masaş who is aiming to increase its richness in pattern also offers special solutions to clients on this subject.


Masaş shows extreme care during packaging processes. Sponges, catalogs, packaged food, cosmetics, abeslang, cotton, tissues, handkerchief like products are placed into the decorative boxes very carefully by hand. Packaging unit where products are prepared rapidly for shipment provides major advantages in terms of both logistically and finaincially.   


Masaş continues to increase its investments in its logistic network for on time delivery of products and keeping customer satisfaction at the top level.