‘Recycling’ is giving back to production by subjecting substances or recyclable waste materials remaining outside of usage to the re – processing. 

It is necessary to use recycled steel to produce steel.  Recycling process is embedded inside the steel production and actually each steel production facility is a steel recycling unit. Therefore, valuable resources are saved during the production of steel in quality of pure steel.  

Steel being used as packaging material in terms of being recyclable in an indefinite cycle of the sources used in production and minimization of the emission emerging during the stage of production makes extraordinary contributions to environmental safety.  Steel, which is the main material used in package production, always keeps its originality in all cycles.

Industry saves 70% on energy through the entegration of recycled steel into the process of production and CO2 release of facility decreases.  In conclusion, when the topic is the use of steel as packaging, it comes down to this; the bigger the size of the recycle rate is the lesser CO2 release.    Carbon emissions decrease as recycle rate climbs up to top levels.

This means to transform world into a habitable place for next generations through making maximum savings in energy and in use of natural resources.